Injury Prevention

We’re vigilant when it comes to preventing accidents and injuries long before the start of each day’s races.

Every racehorse gets an extensive pre-race veterinary exam in the morning before being allowed to run, and are visually reviewed on the track before each race. From the time horses arrive at the track and until they leave the track — through their time in the saddling paddock, post parade, starting gate, and the running of the race — horses are under the observation of an official track or CHRB veterinarian.

Horses are also examined for injury following each race and can be scheduled for a follow-up exam or veterinary care if a physical problem is suspected. Horses found unfit for competition by an official track or CHRB veterinarian are placed on the Veterinarian’s List, a safeguard for ensuring that horses receive treatment and are healthy and sound.

Safety stewards are on the grounds of each racetrack, enforcing rules and procedures designed to the protect the health and safety of racehorses. Safety stewards monitor environmental conditions and the treatment of horses. Dangerous conditions and mistreatment are not tolerated. As part of their responsibilities, safety stewards also monitor track surfaces and work with each racing association to maintain safe, consistent racing surfaces.