Retirement and Aftercare


It began with one horse. When Madeline Auerbach learned first-hand how hard it could be to find a retirement home for one of her beloved athletes, Lenny from Malibu, the racehorse owner dedicated herself to creating a safety net for California Thoroughbreds coming off the racetrack. Through her efforts and the contributions of other prominent owners, California Retirement Management Account (CARMA) was founded in 2008.

CARMA ensures racehorses have retirement and retraining options when their racing careers end by supporting organizations that place and retrain Thoroughbreds who started at California racetracks. Funded by donations and a 0.3% deduction in winning purses, CARMA is supported by the vast majority of California Thoroughbred owners who voluntarily contribute to this worthy cause.

Since 2008, CARMA has disbursed more than $3.2 million to retirement farms and other qualified non-profit organizations, and, through its placement program, helped transition more than 100 retired Thoroughbreds from the track.

CARMA works to make sure that Thoroughbreds are provided for when their racing days are over.

It’s another way that California leads the racing industry. CARMA was one of the inspirations that led to the formation of the national Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance, an industry-wide initiative to accredit aftercare facilities and fund approved retirement organizations.

CARMA partners specifically with 21 nonprofit facilities that have undergone a thorough evaluation. Hundreds of other California farms and riding centers provide homes and second-career training for former racehorse, as well.

To learn more about the CARMA placement program, CARMA partners, or adopting a Thoroughbred, visit the CARMA resources page.

Find a full list of accredited aftercare facilities around the country on the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance website.